Home Inspections

Make Selling & Buying Easier with Septic Inspection, Maintenance & Repairs

The septic system plays a major role in the overall function of your home; which is why it will be a notable part of any thorough home inspection. While soil testing is not required by the state, it is the best – and only – way to inspect the effectiveness of a septic tank. We can also use our video locating equipment to inspect the pipe that leads from your house out to your septic tank; to make sure there are no major problems before you close on a new home.

Septic system repairs and replacement can be quite costly. Potential buyers will want to avoid this burden by having the existing system and quality of groundwater evaluated.  Properly maintaining your septic system (by having it inspected and pumped at least every three years) will elongate its lifespan and ensure it stays in a good operating condition.

When you need septic services in Minocqua – Eagle River – Rhinelander or the surrounding areas, especially in regards to a home inspection, Low Cost Plumbers is an incredible choice.

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